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Moo Moo at the Port Office, situated just outside of the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane City, certainly is one of the city’s premium places to go for a finer steak experience. L and I booked a table in early December to celebrate my birthday. Steak is definitely one of my favourite things to eat so I was pretty excited.

Their specialty steak menu ranges from the $29 200g minute steak from Rangers Valley Feedlot in New South Wales to the $88 Kalara Feedlot grain fed Wagyu 400g sirloin. What we were after however, was their signature dish, the spice rubbed 1kg Angus rump roast. Coated with the chef’s ‘secret spice rub’, this is carved at the table and served with two sides and a selection of sauces. This magnificent piece of meat will set you back $125 for two people.

Knowing it took at least 55 minutes from the time of ordering to prepare, we were super smart and phoned ahead of time to have the dish ready soon after we arrived.

To start, we ordered bread served with honeyed carrot salsa and warm Moo Moo jus to tide us over until our feast ($3.90 per person).  This bread was delicious soaked with the jus, however a little more carrot would be just right.

We were presented with an amuse bouche of a wagyu beef meatball with barbeque sauce. It just tasted like a normal meatball, but was a nice touch.

To drink, I had a raspberry and vanilla mojito, presented in a tall glass with a mountain of ice in the top. Unfortunately, rather than the refreshing drink I was hoping for, it was quite concentrated and sour with no hint of vanilla whatsoever.

Turns out we shouldn’t have bothered with the bread, because we were soon presented with an enormous feast. Our sides were a rocket, parmesan and pear salad, which was nicely dressed with very sweet pear, and kipfler potatoes with olives, chorizo and rosemary. The potatoes were delicious and crispy.

We were not offered a choice with our accompanying sauces unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with this but reasonably happy with what we were brought; a beetroot relish, bearnaise and Moo Moo jus. If I had chosen, I would have definitely gone for peppercorn and L would have loved chilli. I was just fortunate not to get mushroom sauce, one of my most hated foods. Other tables, ordering other steaks were presented with condiments of various mustards, I would have liked to have a sample of these to go with our rump, however they were not offered.

The star of the meal was carved up for us, and we were presented with juicy pink slices of our rump roast. The meat was absolutely to die for, so delicious and moist. The spice rub was quite charred tasting unfortunately, and I didn’t really eat much of the outside. The end pieces were also not the best, as were a bit over done. The rump was presented medium rare to bring out the best in the meat, the centre pieces were the most succulent.

Whilst the food at Moo Moo seems great, the service was not. For a supposed fine dining experience (for the prices paid), I would have expected better. Our waitress had a rather absent attitude, forgetting a couple of times that we had preordered the signature rump, and our water glasses were not topped up all evening, I had to remark at the end how thirsty I was in order to have this happen. Our sides and sauces were not explained to us, something I would have liked. Our table became rather yuck with breadcrumbs, grated carrot bits and a lot of condensation from my cocktail, and this wasn’t wiped down for us at any point. Whilst our waitress was not rude, she was not smiling and pleasant either. This was something that definitely let down our experience somewhat.



Moo Moo the Wine Bar & Grill
Stamford Plaza
Cnr Margaret and Edward Streets,
Brisbane City
Ph  07 3236 4500
Lunch 7 days from 12pm
Dinner 7 days from 6pm

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