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I’ve been sitting on this blog post for a while trying to figure out how to put as much love into it as possible, because thats how we feel about Uncle Joe’s. Nawwwwwww.

I first heard a whisper of Uncle Joe’s Coffee House being the latest addition to Brisbane’s specialty coffee scene a couple of months back, and as I know just how much L loves his coffee, bugged him to head there for a quick coffee before heading off for a day down the coast one Sunday. Since that first visit, we’ve been back multiple times.

Uncle Joe’s has no fancy signage or the vintage/hipster fitout thats becoming almost generic of many a cafe thats popping up nowadays, but is simple and sleek inside. Several small blackboards list whats on offer that day, usually their house blend the “Supafly” in addition to a single origin. A polite sign states their coffee is served at 65 degrees, but can be made hotter if customers prefer.

Owners Adam and Mark are unbelievably friendly and welcoming, and are happy to take the time to talk to their customers and answer any questions. They take great pride in sourcing great quality and unique beans from around the world, and roasting them themselves. Adam is found behind the shiny space-age Mirage espresso machine, and whipped up our cappuccino and latte on the Supafly blend.

The Supafly is just too fabulously easy to drink, especially for myself who is a bit sensitive to acidic, strong coffees. Adam produces a coffee that tastes like a dream, my cappuccino was beautifully creamy. Instead of stopping by for a quick visit, it turned into us ordering a second coffee and hanging around for longer than expected.

Our first visit, they had unfortunately sold out of their single origin, but we visited two weeks later and Adam and Mark were so kind as to organise for us to taste their special that week, Ethiopian Bench Maji Gesha, filtered through an aeropress. Mark explained how this bean had a multi-flavoured profile, so a timer was set up so we could take small sips and see how the flavours evolved over about 30 minutes. We added a few drops of milk towards the very end when the flavour became very thick and chocolatey. It definitely opened my eyes as to how many flavours can be produced by not only different beans, but even one type of bean. Previously I had scoffed at L that coffee just serves to be strong and wake you up by ‘punching’ you in the face, and preferred the refinement of tea, but now I am having second thoughts and a greater appreciation.

There are small tidbits of food on offer such as cakes, biscuits and wraps, but at Uncle Joe’s they like to focus on the coffee. They are soon going to offer a brew bar, and have various coffee accessories and beans for sale.

This is a place for serious coffee nerds to talk shop, as well as new appreciators of coffee. No question is too silly to ask of Adam or Mark, they will be only happy to chat and are very keen to show off their beans. The atmosphere and friendliness of the guys is enough to make customers, including us, want to come back again and again.



Uncle Joe’s Coffee House
3/161 Cavendish Road
Ph 0403 850 288
Open Breakfast and Lunch 7 days

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  1. Heather September 19, 2012 at 9:07 am

    Finally, a coffee shop that understands the right temperature to serve coffee :)
    Another fab place that always serves a brilliant coffee is Blue Sky Coffee in Commercial Rd, Newstead


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