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The Mexican wave is carrying on in Brisbane with the arrival of Arriba Grill, a new burrito bar in Lutwyche. We were invited by James from Arriba recently to come in and sample their burrito wares.

The shopfront is small and may be easily missed along a busy section of Lutwyche Road, but once inside, the space is crisp and clean. There is a large mural graffitied on the side wall which may remind you of old Warner Brothers cartoons featuring Speedy Gonzalez and the Roadrunner.

At Arriba, ordering is extremely easy. First of all, the only thing on the menu is burritos. Secondly, you are given a card where you can tick off various options to customise your burrito and simply hand the card back to complete your order.

Burrito options include white, wheat and bowl versions. There are vegetarian options of black beans and/or vegetables, or choose pork, beef or chicken. Choose to add lime rice and pinto beans if you wish, then salsa with your desired level of spice. You can add jalapenos, cheese, lettuce and sour cream for no extra charge, but guacamole will set you back $2.

James advises that the idea behind Arriba Grill is to be fresh and simple, hence why there are only burritos on the menu. A bonus is that produce used in the burritos is actually certified organic, something a lot of burrito lovers will appreciate I am sure, and it goes to show that organic ingredients don’t necessarily mean expensive, all burritos being $10.

Something to note is that pinto beans are not actually vegetarian, which is something I just had to ask about. Apparently the pinto beans are soaked overnight with bacon in order to impart more flavour, yum!

L and I both had a beef burrito, which were made quite snappily for us. We definitely appreciated the decent size of the burritos, (which are larger than some of the competitions) and the flavour of the beans and lime rice. There was a bright green jalapeno sauce on the table which I added to mine for extra heat, whilst L went for the habanero sauce.

James sent us home with a packed lunch of both a chicken and a pork burrito so we could sample these flavours as well. The chicken was immensely juicy whilst we both agreed the shredded soft pork meat was our favourite.

Another Arriba Grill will be opening at Morningside in the near future, which will be a little closer to home for us and will likely be the branch we will return to.

Arriba Grill is not just another Mexican place, they care about their ingredients and ensure that each burrito is as fresh and tasty as possible.



**Brisbane Devoured ate lunch care of Arriba Grill**

Arriba Grill Lutwyche
Shop 1, 554 Lutwyche Road
Ph 07 3357 7072
Open Lunch and Dinner, 7 days

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