Bucci Spring Menu Launch – TwEATup Dinner

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Last night we attended the third Brisbane TwEATup dinner with a multitude of Brisbane’s foodies, bloggers and twitterati, held at Bucci Restaurant for their spring menu launch. We had never experienced the food at Bucci, and so were extremely excited to see what was in store for us.

What is TwEATup you may ask? A group of twitter foodies joining together to tweet, snap photos of their food, and generally enjoy a good meal.

Arriving early, the first thing we noticed was the amazing table decorations. Everything on the table (except the moss, and obviously the candle!) was completely edible. A small pot from which sprouted spring onions and flowers held a ‘soil’ of olives hiding a pinenut and pistachio dip. Nearby was a truffle Pepe Saya butter pot, and a bright green salsa verde. We were encouraged to eat and dip carrots, tiny radishes and edible flowers to our hearts content. Everything was extremely fresh and served to highlight the produce of spring.

A cute little hessian bag of thickly sliced bread and crostini made by Bucci was brought out as well, and I liberally coated a slice of bread with about two inches thick of the Pepe Saya butter. Too much? I asked on twitter, and was met with a resounding “No such thing!”

Our first course was brought out promptly and was mighty impressive. A huge slab of gleaming crusty porchetta was sliced up and shared between all of us on the table. I have to admit I went back for thirds (hey, noone else was taking it!). The pork meat was so juicy and absolutely delicious.

Next, we were given a shot glass of a clear yellow cold tomato consomme. It was intriguing, but from the first taste it was simply amazing and absolutely packed with flavour. I could have drunk a whole bowl.

Caprese insalata was full of bright radiant tomatoes, huge chunks of mozzarella and small dollops of olive tapanade. To me, theres nothing better than a fresh caprese salad, its my absolute favourite. I was so impressed by the sweetness and quality of the various tomatoes.

Our main dish was “trout pizza in a box”. Intrigued, on further investigation it was apparent the “pizza base” was actually a salt baked disc within which the fish had been cooked. The trout had retained its fleshy pinkness, and we were assured it was thoroughly cooked through. The salt baking means the heat doesn’t make the fish turn whiter, as usually happens with oven baking. I am not usually a huge seafood lover, but I loved this trout. The spine of the fish was entwined throughout the box, and completely edible also, it tasted like fish crackling!

Our final dish was dessert, a light and refreshing bellini granita with berries and chocolate. This was the perfect finish after all that food (and continued munching on the table decorations), we certainly didn’t want a heavy dessert!

Thanks to Shaun and Tanja from Bucci for presenting to us an innovative and incredibly delicious spring menu, and thanks to Danielle Dixon who organised this TwEATup. My favourites were the caprese salad and the porchetta, but every dish was fantastic. We had a fun time and look forward to both further TwEATups and a future visit to Bucci.



*FYI The TwEATup dinner at Bucci was paid for by Brisbane Devoured*
11/15 James Street
Fortitude Valley
Ph 3252 7848
Open Lunch and Dinner 7 days

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9 Responses

  1. Heather October 2, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Hi Corrie
    The meal at Bucci looks amazing!
    I’d be really keen to get on the TwEATup dinner invite list. I’m a relatively new foodie blogger so I’d like to make contact with other food lovers.

    • Brisbane Devoured October 2, 2012 at 3:16 pm

      It was so cool, presented as a “pizza” but not actually a pizza at all. Very quirky, and very nice moist fish too. Wish you could have made it, but oh well, next time!

    • Brisbane Devoured October 20, 2012 at 12:01 am

      Thanks for your comment Elliot :) Pity you couldn’t have made it, it was a great dinner. The tomato consomme, although a small part of the meal, was one of my favourites.


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