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Wandering around South Bank prior to a show at QPAC, we were deciding on where to eat dinner when it dawned on us that although we have eaten at Piaf numerous times over the past few years, we have yet to do a blog post on it.

Piaf has always been a favourite little restaurant, although it may have gone out of favour with some. As Brisbane’s restaurant scene seems to be on a the rise at the moment, suddenly diners are spoilt for choice about where to eat out. Piaf has always offered good no-fuss French inspired dishes at a reasonable price. Yes, the dishes may be on the small side, but think of eating as the French do (small portions, great flavours) compared to how Australians typically eat (enormous portion sizes).

We ordered wine and food quickly, due to being a bit pressed for time pre-show, but were impressed that waitstaff and the kitchen were efficient enough to get us through three courses and out with plenty of time to spare.

My entree was the Beetroot and Roast onion tartlet with goats cheese mousse and hazelnut dressing. Hazelnut, goats cheese and beetroot are a winning combination. Both the mousse and the pastry were delicate, light and fluffy.

L chose the Scallop tartare with preserved lemon gel, confit watermelon and crisp flat bread. The watermelon was mostly composed of the firm green section nearest the skin, so wasn’t as sweet as expected, however this combined better with the scallop tartare than bright pink sweet cubes would have. Lemon gel, and the capers amongst the scallops added a lot of zing and flavour.

Victorian lamb rump with roasted cauliflower, pumpkin puree and chermoula looked a little disappointing on the plate, but definitely tasted great. The puree was smooth and fine, whilst the chermoula and surrounding jus added a lot of flavour. The lamb meat was perfectly pink.

Calvados pork belly with turnip fondant, pear puree, rhubarb and jus was L’s main, attractively presented with sweet components that complimented the pork very well. The crackling atop the pork was firm but not satisfyingly crunchy, the only disappointing aspect.

I fought with L and won to be able to have the hazelnut creme brulee with macerated strawberries and biscotti. I didn’t realise at the time it was my second hazelnut themed dish of the night but I was by no means wary of this. The creme brulee was smooth and light with a lovely crunchy top. It had to be the best biscotti I have ever had as well, I usually ignore biscotti as its often hard enough to break a tooth on, but this was lovely and soft.

L chose the bittersweet chocolate mousse with sable crumbs, raspberry and mint. It was presented as a giant dollop, unfortunately there is little way you can make chocolate mousse look attractive unless it is contained in some sort of glass or bowl. The mousse was very rich and although very delicious, perhaps a cream or a lighter component to go with it would have been nice.

Piaf didn’t disappoint and is still a solid choice. Although some dishes aren’t wowing, the food is simple and flavoursome and the casual atmosphere is very inviting.



Shop 5, 182 Grey Street
South Brisbane
Ph 07 3846 5026
Open Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 Days

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    • Brisbane Devoured October 31, 2012 at 7:36 pm

      People either seem to love it or hate it. I am in the camp that loves it, although just quietly I don’t think its quite as good as it used to be.


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