Mizu: Revisited for Breakfast

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Eggs benedict, hollandaise sauce, avocado on toast, bircher museli, pancakes, bacon and poached eggs, sourdough… Does this all sound familiar as being part of your usual weekend breakfasts? Are you getting a little sick and tired of the same old thing and want to experience something new and interesting?

Enter: Mizu, a Japanese restaurant offering traditional Japanese breakfasts til 11am on Saturday and Sundays. Now, we have been to Mizu before, for dinner, and ever since I have been very keen to go back and try their breakfasts out, which we did recently.

The breakfast drinks menu has some of the usual suspects, juices and coffee, but offer a range of teas including sencha (green tea), genmai-cha (green tea with roasted rice) and houji-cha (roasted green tea). I just had to have a pot of invigorating sencha to wake me up. I loved the little teapot it came in.

For a beverage thats a bit more out there, try the matcha green tea latte, or its cold equivalent – the iced matcha green tea latte with green tea icecream. L had the hot matcha latte, which was intensely green, but milky and surprisingly delicious underneath its foam top.

Foodwise, everything is decidedly Japanese, from the okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes with rocket, BBQ sauce, mayo, seaweed and pickled ginger), to the Mizu omelette of either soy glazed roasted pumpkin and sweet potatoes, or fresh crab meat and shallots.

My dish, the Loco moco, consisted of a thick, juicy mince pattie with a fried egg on top of rice, topped off with an ample amount of sesame sukiyaki gravy sauce. That sauce seeped all over and around the meat patty and down through the rice. The end result was sweet, thick and immensely filling. Unfortunately the fried egg was a little overdone, but the smiley face of kewpie mayo on top of the patty made up for it.

The most sizeable item on the menu went to L, the bento box. Its always fun having a bento box in front of you, it somehow makes you feel more special, and this one had two layers. In the top was rice, miso soup and some soft pumpkin. The more exciting bottom layer was unveiled to reveal a slice of grilled salmon, chicken karaage, tempura fish cake, pickles, sauteed vegetables and tamago (egg). L loved picking at each little dish until it was all gone.

Breakfast at Mizu was such a treat for both of us, and a great idea for something a bit different to do for weekend breakfasting.



2 Macquarie St
Ph 07 3254 0488
Open 7 days, Lunch and Dinner. Breakfast Sat-Sun

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