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We have been attempting to eat healthily lately. We do eat out a fair bit so made a vow a couple of months back to start eating lower calorie meals at home. A few weeks ago, we put our diet in total jeopardy with one meal… Tippler’s Tap.

We had heard various whispers of how awesome Tippler’s Tap was, and with the phrases “dude food” and “craft beer bar” being thrown around, we decided to throw the calorie counting out the window and get there pronto for a midweek diet meltdown.

Tippler’s is located in a side street of Newstead amongst a few unit blocks and industrial bits and pieces, and has such a low-key frontage that we drove straight past it to begin with. Enter through a large front porch decked out with timber furnishings, to go straight past the kitchen and a pinball machine to the back room which seriously looks like its been set up underneath someone’s house (low ceiling included and all). The furnishings are a bit daggy-retro… I think the print on the wall is identical to one my mum had back in the day, and there are light fittings that appear to be stolen from the house I lived in as a kid in the 80’s. There is a space invaders arcade machine as well, which L wanted to sit at until I pointed out they might not let us eat food on it.

There are 10 types of craft beers on tap, 1 on a hand pump, many bottled varieties and a short wine list. We had a bit of a taste test before I chose a pale ale, Birra del Borgo that was recommended by the bar dude, whilst L went with a stout. We were only allowed one beer on a school night so that was all we sampled I am afraid, however both beers were great.

Moving on to the food, the owner of Tippler’s Tap is apparently from Chicago and so has focussed the menu to Chicago inspired food; hot dogs, beef sandwiches, sliders, onion rings and wings.

L had the Hot dog; served in a soft bun with onion, gherkin relish, American mustard, tomato, cucumber, dill pickle, sport peppers and a sprinkle of celery salt. The hot dog was a colourful meaty extravaganza, but oddly the onion was raw, which brought a bit of a tear to the eye, is this the way hot dogs are served back in the US of A? It was still extremely tasty and recommended for those who love a bit of pickled goodness.

I elected to go with the Italian Beef Sandwich, which sounded extremely interesting – slices of seasoned roast beef¬† “dripping with meat juices” on a roll topped with Giardiniera, which we found out by both googling and tasting was a pickled vegetable relish. The whole sandwich is then dipped into beef juices. My eyes boggled at the sight of how huge it was, then I had a half panic attack which lasted for about 30 seconds whilst I figured out how to get my mouth around it. The juiciness means this sucker gets soggy fast, so eat quickly if you order this.

To top off both of these we decided on a side of onion rings with aioli (unfortunately, aioli has to be ordered separately). The onion rings were absolutely huge, both in number and in size, but encrusted with salty panko crumbs.

Well, all I can say is when we fell off the diet wagon, we fell hard….



Tippler’s Tap
22 Masters St
Ph 07 3122 9886
Open Lunch and Dinner, Tues-Sun

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