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Eat Drink Blog, the Australian food blogger’s conference had such a tightly packed schedule that I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to be able to experience any of Adelaide’s restaurants, being only down there for a short period of time. Fortunately, I was staying with Melissa Loh, who introduced me to Celeste from Travelling in Mary Janes, a lovely girl and also one of the conference organisers who took us out for dinner on the Friday night preceding the conference.

I found out we were headed to Etica Ethical Pizzeria for dinner, which both intrigued and excited me, as I love pizza (who doesn’t?) and I was interested in hearing about the concept behind this place.

As a vet, factory farming definitely concerns me. Etica makes sure to source all of their animal derived products from a farm that practices the highest animal welfare standards, hence if you eat here, you can be sure you are eating ethically. They list these farms and their story on the back of their menu, which is very informative. I liked that I could know exactly where the food on my plate came from.

The restaurant itself is quite small, the entrance has a small outdoor area where more tables can be placed, then the front section of the indoor area is taken up by a massive pizza oven. There is a bar with seating at the back. The pizza oven emits a roasty warmth throughout the indoor area, something that is lovely on a colder night, but would be terribly hot in summer.

I ordered a homemade limonata to drink, which was beautifully refreshing and a huge glass.

An antipasto platter to share was brought out to us by the owner which was lovely, and consisted of arancini, artichoke, mushrooms, salami, beetroot, olives and smoked mozzarella. The olives had been warmed and were a salty pop of flavour.

We also shared the mozzarella tasting platter, which to a cheese lover was a dream to behold. There was plain mozzarella, smoked, buffalo mozzarella and ricotta. The buffalo mozzarella was a clear winner for me, this is one of my favourite cheeses, but it was interesting to taste the differences between them all.

We decided on a couple of pizzas to share and a pasta. Patrons are able to see their pizza being made at a counter at the front of the restaurant, each is rolled out one by one and then placed into the pizza oven. The end result is a very authentic looking pizza with a nice thin base. Pizzas are presented uncut, which could be annoying, but it just means you can cut yourself a larger slice.

We had the Zbigniew with tomato base, mozzarella, porcini mushroom, salami, olives, olive oil and sea salt, and the Margherita Extra, with tomato base, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, basil and sea salt.

Both pizzas were absolutely delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the Margherita in particular which is simple and one of my favourites. The only downer was that the middle of the pizzas became a bit soggy after a while, eat faster I say.

The pasta that was ordered was Penne with Cavolo Nero, and is one of Celeste’s favourites. The penne was unfortunately not available and so was substituted with Etica’s homemade pasta, thinly rolled and rustic. This pasta was like a version of pesto, but using kale instead of basil. The flavour was subtle and delightfully green, rather than being overpowering with flavour as pesto can be.

I really liked Etica, the concept and the care behind their menu, and the food. It was homely and it felt like being in Nonna’s kitchen (even though I am not Italian and therefore have no Nonna).



Etica Ethical Pizzeria e Mozzarella Bar
125 Gilles Street
Ph 08 7324 4215
Open Dinner Wed-Sun

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