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L and I decided to branch out on our regular lunch meetings and head over to Spring Hill where I had been hearing about a cutesy cafe called Sisco BCL. The BCL section of their name is for predictably; Breakfast, Coffee and Lunch. Sisco is open 7 days and we were going to save it for a weekend trip but after exhausting options around the Valley area where L works, we elected to opt for a midweek lunch.

Sisco is right next door to one of our favourite restaurants, Bishamon Japanese. Parking is quite intense in this area on a weekday unfortunately, however I aced my first reverse park in a very long time. My excuse for this is that I do not have a car with power steering. Yes, you read that right. The streets were full of local office workers, so Sisco clearly do a roaring trade in this spot.

Sisco have a shiny red La Marzocco coffee machine and do a roaring trade in takeaway coffees out of their main window, using Bellaroma beans. It was way too hot for a coffee though, so we elected to have cold beverages.

Sisco BCL coffee machine

L’s coffee frappe was a slight disappointment, instead of an icey concoction it was more on the liquid side and it tasted weak and watery. My berry whip on the other hand was aerated, thick, bright in colour and refreshing.

Sisco BCL coffee frappeSisco BCL berry whip

The lunch menu is brief with 5 options, along with many impressive sandwiches and wraps that are located in the display cabinet. Also in the cabinet were some awesome looking cakes and slices.

Sisco BCL menu

I had the manly option of steak sandwich with gruyere, pickles, lettuce, mayo and potato chips which was an excellent combination of flavours. The steak was a little chewy but this was alleviated by being cut into slices. I found the large pieces of cos lettuce a bit awkward and ate these separately before tackling the rest of the sandwich. I thought the chips were a cute touch on the side.


In contrast, L had the girly salad (we do this often) of proscuitto, buffalo mozzarella, nectarine and basil with grilled sourdough. We were expecting a large leafy salad with few pieces of mozzarella and proscuitto, but what was on the plate was in fact very generous. There were large globs of mozzarella and plentiful proscuitto. The mozzarella broke apart easily and was quite runny, so unfortunately the salads presentation wasn’t particularly attractive. We thought the proscuitto was soft and chewy, crisping it up and layering on top would have created more of a textural element.

Sisco BCL proscuitto, nectarine, mozzarella, basil salad

We did enjoy our lunch at Sisco, but thought the food could have been a bit more polished. In saying that, the ideas are there and we liked the combination of flavours.



Sisco BCL
1/500 Boundary Street
Spring Hill
Ph 07 3839 4995
Open 7 Days Breakfast and Lunch (all day Breakfast Sat-Sun)

Sisco on Urbanspoon


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