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Living out in the ‘burbs has its good and bad sides, on the plus side our rent is cheap and we have a big backyard but a big downside is that we generally have to drive into the city area to visit a good restaurant or cafe. Suburban cafes on the Southside seem few and far between, and so we were very pleased to be invited recently to eat at Leaf Espresso, a relatively new (opened for about 10 months) cafe in Tarragindi, just a short drive away.

It was a great sign as we pulled into the carpark that a crowd had gathered around the entrance of the cafe for takeaway coffees, and that the cafe was reasonably full at the early hour of 8.30am on a Saturday. The masses in fact stayed for the entirety of our visit, indicating this little cafe is just what the locals needed.

Leaf Espresso Collage

Getting past the crowd at the front waiting for coffees meant that getting anyones attention for a table was a little difficult but soon we were seated and perusing the menu. Unfortunately, we did pick up a few spelling errors and possibly a line leftover from a previous breakfast entry… proofreading of menus before you put them out goes a long way!

Leaf Espresso Menu

We ordered coffees, a latte and a cappucino made with Two Seasons coffee, which is a single origin coffee line by Douwe Egberts (creator of Piazza D’Oro). The coffees were made reasonably, the taste quite robust with a subtle finish.

Leaf Espresso Coffees

L had the Mushroom medley, varieties of mushroom with wilted spinach, parmesan and poached egg on ciabatta with balsamic glaze. Different types of mushroom on the plate added extra texture and flavours, and the dish generally seemed fresh and healthy.

Leaf Espresso Mushroom Medley

I ordered Eggs Benedict with braised ham and leek, which seemed an unusual take on this traditional breakfast favourite. The ham and leek gave the dish a wintery feel that seems appropriate to the coming season. The hollandise was thick and quite lemony.

Leaf Espresso Eggs Benedict

Chef Craig Benton has been recently appointed (coming from Customs House in the city), and has created the breakfast menu at Leaf.

There were plenty of huge muffins, cakes, sandwiches and wraps available in the cabinet for takeaways, and we did notice a Pat and Sticks icecream sandwich freezer (yum!) which we must drop by to pick up in the future.

Leaf Espresso Bar also opens for dinners and live music on a Thursday evening, featuring a changing menu and new up and coming musicians.



**Disclaimer: C and L were guests of Leaf Espresso Bar for breakfast**

Leaf Espresso Bar
8 Denham Terrace
Ph 07 3172 7667
Open 7 Days Breakfast and Lunch

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4 Responses

  1. Sean March 12, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    I like how you criticise their spelling then start a sentence with L instead of I. You’re right, proof-reading does go a long way.

    • Brisbane Devoured March 16, 2014 at 10:16 pm

      Hi Sean, if you had cared to check (I take it you aren’t a regular reader), I use “L” a lot in my posts, which refers to my husband Leigh. Even I sign off on my posts as “C”. I do take care to proof read each post. Regardless, Leaf definitely had spelling errors on their menu, and yes, I do believe that is something that should be proof read prior to sending out the menu to the customer to read.



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