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Is what greets us on arrival. Now this may seem either a little too intimate/rude/sweaty for some, or it could just be that we are actually dining at a restaurant specialising in meatballs. It was the latter thankfully, and we are referring of course to the word Balls, in large type letters and spread across the wall topping the open kitchen window at the back of the restaurant.

The Meatball Company is part of the Fox Hotel at South Brisbane’s revamp. Our prior memories of The Fox include terrible karaoke, broken glass, blue hospitality bandaids and beer soaked everything (don’t even ask about that night, it was wild). We aren’t even sure what restaurant was there before, but the Meatball Company definitely seems like a step up.

We went with a beer and a cider to start (something about the Fox Hotel seems to require beer), and perused the menu. Our waitress spoke of a fantastic duck meatball special that got our hopes up, but alas then returned to inform us that they had run out. I do see that now this duck meatball has made its way permanently to the menu, so obviously thats a tempting bribe for a return visit.

The Meatball Company Drinks

The menu has several types of meatballs on offer, all at the price of $15 for 3, a few offerings of other main type dishes eg lamb shoulder, pork belly, a charcuterie plate that looked fantastic on our neighbouring diners table, “rabbit food” (several types of salads and greens) and sides. We elected to go with 2 types of meatballs, pork and veal with a chilli, tomato and roasted pepper sauce, and chicken and sweetcorn with iceberg lettuce and creme fraiche. We went with a tomato, basil and bocconcini salad (essentially a Caprese salad, so unsure why it isn’t just called that), and roasted potatoes with rosemary salt on the side.

The Meatball Company menu

The chicken and sweet corn meatballs were presented as a “KFC” type of meatball, fried with a light battering of herbs and spices on the outside, and were pleasantly delicious. Normally, I am horrifically skeptical of anything involving chicken mince (it just visually grosses me out), so these were a fantastic surprise.

The Meatball Company Chicken and sweetcorn with creme fraiche

The pork and veal meatballs were a touch on the cool side (partly our fault as food bloggers for taking forever to take photos), but were very moist with a generous amount of tomato sauce that had a definite slight chilli kick to it.  A couple of slices of bread would have been a great touch to mop up the extra juice.

The Meatball Company Pork and Veal with tomato chilli pepper sauce

Our roast potatoes were actually potato and sweet potato diced into itty bitty squares and were crunchy and moreish. We definitely recommend ordering this one!

The Meatball Company roast potatoes

The salad was refreshing, an obligatory healthy option when you are otherwise having rich food.

The Meatball Company caprese salad

Onto dessert… The Meatball Company has one type of dessert offering, icecream sandwiches in various flavours. After umming and aahing whether to get one to share, or two between us (thanks to our waitress for stopping us from being pigs and ordering two), we went with Strawberries and Cream. What followed was about two minutes of absolute silence and then a spoon fight over who would get the last bite (I was victorious!!).  There is an air of the strawberry Ekka icecream about this one, absolute deliciousness on a plate. The cookie was soft and the icecream full of real strawberry flavour and not fake sugariness. A larger dollop of cream on the side next time, please.

The Meatball Company strawberries and cream icecream sandwich



The Meatball Co.
The Fox Hotel
71-73 Melbourne Street
South Brisbane
Ph 07 3844 2883
Open Lunch and Dinner, 7 Days

Meatball Co. on Urbanspoon

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  1. Jas@AbsolutelyJas November 11, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    ‘Balls’ is the go-to word in our house :) Usually it means ‘no I don’t want to do that, but I will’ or some other expression of exasperation. Love the concept of this place, meatballs are underrated!

    • Brisbane Devoured November 11, 2013 at 9:38 pm

      I usually use “balls!” in a surprised-I-don’t-believe-you tone of voice… Glad I can use it in a different way now… Meatballs!


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