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The Bun Mobile is best known for their super soft Asian style buns, and for also being Brisbane’s first food truck. The food truck empire is certainly expanding quickly, but they were the first to jump on board and begin the craze. Unfortunately, it has taken this entire time for us to be able to try the buns out. The Bun Mobile originally had one van, which generally stuck to locations around the CBD, but now that they have expanded to having a second van, the vans can be found out in suburban locations including¬† Mount Gravatt Showgrounds, which is where we caught them a few weeks ago.

The showground location is certainly a little lacking in atmosphere, it was quite chilly and there was absolutely nowhere to sit around to consume our food, so we elected to take our buns home for consumption. That meant unfortunately that once we opened up our bun containers, they had been ‘sweating’ a little and were a bit moister than they should have been.

We had a total of 4 buns, the standard (always on the menu) Pork Bun of twice cooked pork, hoisin, pickled cucumber and shallots, and the Wagyu bun of slow cooked wagyu beef, lettuce, soy pickled shiitake mushrooms and ‘red dragon’ sauce. The wagyu was probably our pick, the meat was moist and tender, and the sauce slightly spicy, whilst the pork bun ended up being a little dry.

The Bun Mobile Pork BunThe Bun Mobile wagyu beef bun

L also had the bun special of the evening; which had pork belly with a duck sausage, cucumber, shallots, hoisin and pomegranates. A very meaty bun, the duck sausage was rich and the pomegranate provided an occasional refreshing fruity pop.

The Bun Mobile pork and duck sausage special

I ate the dessert special all to myself, to be honest it was the only bun that truly held my attention from the start. The bun contained banana, a smattering of salted caramel (which was very salty) and nuts. One bun would probably have been enough to fill me up, but I sacrificed part of my pork bun in order to have enough room for this amazing dessert. Yum!

The Bun Mobile Dessert bun

The Bun Mobile’s Red and Blue vans are in two locations across Brisbane most lunches and dinners. I am pleased to see they are returning to Mount Gravatt and to other southside locations so that I will definitely be able to catch them again.



The Bun Mobile
various locations
Ph 0401 420 922
Open Lunch and Dinner 6 days

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4 Responses

  1. hmscat December 19, 2013 at 8:22 am

    We were at Mt Gravatt last week as well, but like little piggies :) we ate them in the car and they were yum. We’ve travelled home with them before but the buns are never as good.

    • Brisbane Devoured January 7, 2014 at 11:14 am

      Maybe a little, but similar prices to what you’d find at food stalls at markets, or other food trucks around.


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