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Welcome to 2014! I decided to take a little blogging break around Christmas and New Year, not because I had any time off of course but because I had to work through as well as dealing with the holiday season.

Esher St Cafe and Deli is a little gem of a cafe that we discovered back in early December. Always on the lookout for any southern suburban cafes, we first heard of this cafe opening earlier in 2013 but didn’t know a lot about it until I decided we were definitely heading there for a weekend breakfast. The cafe is literally located in the middle of suburban Tarragindi, and despite not much signage, we knew we were in the right spot given the loads of people already lingering early on a Sunday morning.

The shopfront is reasonably small, tables are located out either on the footpath, or in an outdoors area accessed through the backdoor of the interior section. The outdoors space looked fairly hot and sunny so we managed to nab a table out in the shady sidewalk section. Ordering takes place at the counter, which was a bit unfortunate because due to the lineup there was barely any room left for me to persue the gorgeous gifts (both food and homewares) that are for sale inside…. a revisit for a better look was immediately placed into my mental future diary.

Esher St Deli Cafe Menu

Coffee here is of the Veneziano variety, and so we ordered a latte and a cappuccino. It seems everyone else had the same idea, and so our drinks did take a while to arrive, this is what happens on busy weekends with one barista though! Veneziano tends to be robust but still smooth enough for me to drink without requiring sugar.

Esher St Deli Cafe Coffees

My avocado smash with haloumi arrived very soon after our coffees, and my eyes boggled at the generosity of the haloumi serve. Six whole slices of golden grilled haloumi were nestled atop sourdough with mashed avocado, feta. A good quantity of fresh peppery rocket completed the plate. A lesser person may have been “haloumi’d out” however as haloumi and I have a special relationship, I coped just fine.

Esher St Deli Cafe Avocado Smash with Haloumi

Esher St’s version of a big breakfast (aptly titled the “Esher St Breakfast”) completed our spread, L diving into a massive portion of poached eggs, bacon, 2 sausages, (more) haloumi, chilli jam and sourdough. You could barely see the plate for the food. The sourdough present on both meals was thick, fresh with the right amount of tanginess. Baked goods are made in house!

Esher St Deli Cafe Esher St Breakfast



Esher St Cafe and Deli
46 Esher St
Ph 07 3397 4083
Open 7 Days Breakfast and Lunch

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