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For my birthday, which I keep saying was this year, however it was now last year, we finally got to experience a restaurant that we had both been dying to visit for a very long time, Urbane.

Urbane’s main man, chef Alejandro Cancino, Argentinian born and European trained, has certainly turned some heads since he arrived to take over the Executive Chef position. He was named Queensland Good Food Guide’s Chef of the Year 2013, and the 2013 Australian Gourmet Traveller Best New Talent Winner. With Alejandro at the helm, and the restaurant’s consistent reputation for having the highest quality food, we knew we were in for a treat.

The menu here is degustation only, and is available in either 5 or 7 courses of both regular and vegetarian types. Chef Alejandro is actually vegan, and regularly holds vegan degustation events at Urbane. We went with 7 courses (of course!), as we were in for the long haul.

We soon discovered that not only were there 7 courses available, but several “snacks from the kitchen” were presented first, much to our delight. An additional 4 courses that we were not aware of was pretty darn exciting.

To start, duck consomme and duck tongue in a Peking sauce. The duck consomme was a ‘chaser’ after eating the crunchy salty tiny piece of tongue, and presented in a test tube.

Urbane Duck Consomme, Tongue

Small morsels of Mussel on a rye cracker with a layer of jelly, saffron, and a crunchy Pork tail cracker with green mango and chilli were flavour sensations that were alas gone far too quickly.

Urbane Mussel, Saffron, Rye, Pork Tail, Green Mango, Chilli

Snail, carrot: two little snail parcels came out beautifully presented on a tuft of green grass, the perfect summery looking garden. We demolished them in one garlicky swoop.

Urbane Snail, Carrot

A pretty plate of fresh oysters with wasabi, and delicate cobia sashimi rolls with a soy gel interior was our final ‘snack’. I am no oyster lover, but will admit when they are presented to me like this I am all over it like nobody’s business. Oyster smoyster! The sashimi was delicate and so fresh it was like eating a bite of flavoursome air.

Urbane Cobia Sashimi, Oyster, Wasabi

“Spring”, was our first real course, and was in two parts; one cracker with rolls of finely sliced jamon, and a tomato ‘water’ with the most beautiful heirloom tomatos, skinned and adorned with fresh shredded crab meat. Spring instantly became my favourite season.

Urbane Spring

More cobia sashimi, in a much more generous quantity, came with the relief we could try this beautiful fresh fish again. It was accompanied by a rye crumb and pureed chives.

Urbane Cobia Chive and Rye

The next course was a 60 degree egg yolk finely placed onto a crumble of quinoa, buckwheat and chorizo. A watercress puree and chargrilled leek and ciabatta crustini was the final element on the plate. We mixed the egg into the crumble and it somehow managed to taste a little like salted potato chips! These simple elements on the plate made for one of our favourite dishes of the evening.

Urbane Egg Yolk, Watercress, Leek

Beef short rib, with tiny delicate onion rings and a delicate prism of bone marrow was enveloped by an onion consomme that was poured in at the table. The short rib was fantastic, such a moist packet of meat, to which each mouthful we added a tiny piece of the precious fatty marrow.

Urbane Short Rib, Onion, Mustard

Our final savoury course was Lamb, served with a black pudding puree, foam, and purple carrots. It was tough to say which was our favourite out of the two meat courses, but the lamb was absolutely magnificent, cooked to pink, juicy perfection. The puddle of puree was quite strong and best added in small portions to the meat.

Urbane Lamb, Black Pudding, Carrot

A palate cleanser of grapefruit jelly, delicately set into actual citrus skin, was just the ticket at this point to prepare us for dessert.

Urbane Grapefruit

I love getting two desserts, and the first was most refreshing, Pink lady apple with lemongrass and ginger. The apple was a rectangle of marshmallow, with a lemongrass sorbet, and a fruity ‘soup’.

Urbane Local Pink Lady Apple, Lemongrass, Ginger

There was little doubt at the table that the second dessert was a complete winner in our minds, and in fact was my most favourite dish of the evening. Eucalyptus and pain perdu was the description, a eucalyptus sorbet dusted with coconut snow and a vanilla foam, that was served with the most amazingly soft and squishy piece of ‘french toast’ that we could imagine. I could easily have eaten another.

Urbane Eucalyptus, Pain perdu

We finished up with a hot and heady concoction of a native fruit infusion, strong Australian fruits were infused and served in a clay teapot at the table. The flavours were enhanced by the visual presentation of the dried fruits in the centre (these were not edible!)

Urbane Native Fruit Infusion

The evening was concluded with a little birthday message and a couple of truffle chocolates to take home for later.

Urbane Happy Birthday Chocolates



181 Mary Street
Brisbane CBD
Ph 07 3229 2271
Open Dinner Wed-Sat

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2 Responses

  1. Tara Berrie January 12, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    I recently also consumed the 7 course degustation. While the food was interesting, the hot dishes were served to cool which wasn’t surprising considering the timing was way off – increasingly the space between servings increased and there was at least 40 mins between the last two mains and then again between desserts. By the time the last main was served we wanted the bill. The staff were not apologetic, rude even. Very disappointed as we had been wanting to go for several years. Sounds like your experience was different thankfully.

    • Brisbane Devoured January 12, 2014 at 10:16 pm

      Hi Tara, sounds like your experience was a shame, staff should have handled that a little differently especially as you made it known you weren’t happy. We did experience slightly off timing with the starting snacks coming out in rapid fire whilst there was still another dish on the table…but it was partly my fault for wanting to take photos (silly food blogger). I still maintain its one of the best restaurants in Brisbane, they certainly must be doing something right to win those awards.


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