Kettle & Tin 2nd Annual Chilli Cookoff

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Today we attended a very HOT event… the 2nd Annual Chilli Cookoff was held in the steamy backyard at Kettle & Tin Paddington. The event was one of the first to kick off the week long Brewsvegas events which are happening around the city. The inaugural Brewsvegas festival celebrates the craft beer scene and culture in Brisbane, and over 35 venues have enthusiastically volunteered to take part and run almost 80 events which in general, celebrate beer.

Back to the Chilli Cookoff…. basically the Cookoff involved local chefs and restaurants cooking and showcasing their very own chillis (think slow cooked Chilli con carne style chilli) and all competing to take out the title of  Brisbane’s best.

Kettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff CrowdKettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff Alkaline Warriors

We had our badges in place prior to the event (otherwise $10 per badge) which essentially gave us a Burleigh Brewing Co beer upon entry, and a taste of all of the different chillis on offer. Judging of the chillis was to take place later on, official judges being Phillip Johnson of E’cco and Frazer Henderson of Kettle & Tin.

Kettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff Badges

Our favourite chilli was hands down the offering from Locanda; large fatty pieces of brisket were soaked into a very rich and sweet sauce. Winner.

Kettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff Locanda

Our second favourite came from Statler & Waldorf; a vegetable rich chilli topped off with a cube of fatty sausage. Optional was the choice of actual pickled chillis (Ghost, Scorpion, Habanero) to top it off… L elected for a ghost chilli. I found the chilli to be quite spicy without actually adding extra!

Kettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff Statler & Waldorf

Anise were the winners last year, but we found theirs to probably be a little too early for tasting. Flavours were good but the sauce was watery… it needed another few hours to be really good.

Kettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff Anise

Cove’s chilli was more of a Sambal sauce… but essentially very flavoursome and sweet, as well as having a mild chilli kick. Extra points for the prawn.

Kettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff Cove

Super What Not used a combination of kangaroo and beef for their chilli version which was a solid effort.

Kettle & Tin Chilli Cookoff Super what not bar

The eventual winners were: Judge’s Choice – Cove, and People’s Choice – Anise, which proved Anise’s chilli must certainly have matured after a while sitting on the burner.

The backyard of Kettle & Tin was perfectly sweltering with a combination of huge bubbling pots of chilli, the Brisbane sun beating down, and a very large and hungry crowd, so we decided to taste our chillis and then get outta there pronto! Patrons were also enjoying Bloody Jerry cocktails by Sailor Jerry, and pickles from Picklehead Pickles.

Many thanks to Ford Digital Agency for providing us with badges for the day. We had a great (although sweaty) time! Check out the other Brewsvegas events happening this week using the link below.



**Disclaimer:  C & L were provided with free entry and tastings for the Chilli Cookoff**

Kettle & Tin
215 Given Terrace
Ph 07 3369 3778

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