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Brisbane’s answer to New York’s Katz’s Deli has opened in the form of Bread and Meat Co. The owner and chef at Bread and Meat Co actually worked at Katz’s for a time, perfecting his skills in making massive sandwiches of juicy juicy juicy juicy (I wrote that four times for a reason) delectable meats. Thank goodness he decided to move to Brisbane and open a sandwich shop here.

Bread and Meat Co. has opened just in the TCB building between the Chinatown and Brunswick Street Malls in Fortitude Valley, instantly becoming the best ever lunch option in the Valley. I’ve been there a couple of times since opening, and each time the crowds have been larger as the word gets out. I should have just kept this blog post to myself, but I suppose I shall share it with you.

The menu is short, with three types of sandwiches, three salads and three sides, but there are daily specials that have so far rocked the socks off of anyone trying them. On our first visit, L had the special of buffalo chicken on brioche, and it was absolutely sensational.

One of the mentionable sides which we also tried on our first visit was Canadian poutine, a mouthwatering dish of fries topped off with hot gravy and fresh cheese curd. It may not sound like much, but this is close to heaven, believe me. Apparently, this is the only authentic available poutine in Brisbane.

Our second visit, in which I remembered the camera, we decided on the Chilli Cheese Fries as our side. Hint: the sides are not really sides, but instead a complete meal in themselves. We barely managed to get through half of it, but that half was just amazing. Delicious chilli (not spicy though), with plenty of cheesey goodness and sour cream atop their delicious housemade fries that are cut with the skin still on.

Bread & Meat Co Chilli Cheese Fries

We ordered the Trio Board because we couldn’t really decide and because this board is exceptional value. $10 gets you a sandwich of each variety, and if you split them up, there is plenty here to feed two people for lunch. The corned beef was my absolute favourite, layers of corned beef with gherkin aioli, topped with cabbage and served with a side of dijon mayonnaise.

Bread & Meat Co Trio Board Brisket, Pulled Pork and Corned Beef

Bread & Meat Co Corned Beef

L’s favourite is the Beef brisket. 36 hour roasted beef which is topped with horseradish aioli and swiss cheese, and served with a side of beef jus to dip into (or just drink it like you know you want to). One word: Drool.

Bread & Meat Co Beef Brisket

We shared the Pulled Pork bun which is served with a sweet BBQ hickory sauce and topped with coleslaw. The bun is brioche… adding to that sweetness. Absolutely delicious.

Bread & Meat Co BBQ Pulled Pork

If you go to Bread and Meat Co, just be aware that the servings are enormous, the meat sweats will descend upon you, and you should definitely wear comfortable pants. Also, the meat is absolutely sensational. I adore this place already.



Bread and Meat Co.
Shop 15/315 Brunswick St
(TCB Building)
Fortitude Valley
Ph 07 3162 4855
Open Mon-Thurs 11-5pm, Friday-Sat 11-8pm

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